Thursday, July 30, 2009

Stamping Mathilda

I always kept my ecoline I had as a kid. Or was I a teen already? Or even begin twenties? I don't know...........I have always been doing creative stuff so it can be anywhere between 6 and 25 I think..............

Yes, I can hear you thinking old is the lady? She is 43! And proud of it.

Anyways, been thinking several times about throwing the ecoline out but never did. It moved houses with me and I always thought it might come in handy once.

And it did! I found this absolutely fabulous website full of inspiratation.

Girls! I tell you! Go over there and have a look.

Here is the link. Clickerdeeclickclick.

Ze schrijft zowel in het nederlands als in het engels. In dutch and english.

Now I am just wondering or my ecoline is still good. Let's try out this afternoon.


Godelieve said...

Ben benieuwd naar het resultaat :)

Tam said...

Thanks for sharing that link! Beautiful inspiration! I am adding it to my Google Reader!!!

Dora said...

Dat ziet er leuk uit! Heb de site bijmijn favo gezet! Ik had ook ecoline, maar dat moest ik weggooien, werd oud en lekte!

Groetjes Dora

Lean said...

Zo dat is wel heel wat anders maar ik hou er wel van...leuke link ook...BEDANKT.

Marjanne said...

Inderdaad weer eens heel ies anders!! Bedankt voor de link!