Tuesday, June 30, 2009


Yeah! I got an award from Elia. Muchas gracias Elia, estoy muy contento con esto premio.
I am supposed to give it to 10 other people now but the thing is I can never choose so I dedicate this award to all my followers (all 22 already!).

Monday, June 29, 2009

A card just happened

Some cards take you 4 days to make and than all of a sudden a card just happens. You don't hesitate what is nice, what looks good and what doesn't.
One hour later it is just there and you are all happy about it.

DCL, sketch # 5

The fifth sketch of dutch card lovers already. The DT made some absolutely gorgeous cards themselves.
Momentarilly I am abolutely in love with the flowers I used and bought at hobbyshoppie.nl

Saturday, June 27, 2009

Kazan's sketsch 29

This card has been on my table for I think about 4 days. I just couldn't finish it. I was so tired of working a lot at odd hours.
Somehow I just couldn't follow the sketch good enough without it not being my own style. I really thought about giving up and just throw it away.
Today the plane broke down and us, crew, could go home again. Now I finally finished it.
I am not real sure or it still is totally according to the sketch but that is up to Kazan ofcourse. I finished it and am kind of glad with that.

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Dutch card lovers, sketch 4

This card was made to enter the DCL, #4, challenge. I really wanted to do a card without angels........hihi...........after this one I have only got one other left so I have to think of something else than angels.
I did some altering in the inside as well.

Mum's crocheted flower again.

Well, I don't feel it is gonna be a top 3 but I am gonna enter it anyway.
Have a great day!

Saturday, June 20, 2009

Two more angels

You didn't think I was finished with the angels already now, did you? No girls, here are some more. The cardboard like background is from the inner packaging of Melba toast. Talking about recycling!
For the second card I used the same angel and the same Melba toast packaging but I now added some glitters to it.
At this picture you can't see to well that I have added the same pink ribbon I put on the left hand side, at the right side as well.
And that's why I took the pic below.
So, I am off to celebrate my sis' birthday. Enjoy your saturday night!

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Another Angel

Same angel, different card.


This card is for my spanish teacher who is such a great person. I had to send her something and thought it would be nice to add a card.
Don't you just love the angel?
I added the flowers my mom made me again.

Monday, June 15, 2009

crochet flowers

My mother made me a few flowers and I really love them so I was waiting for an opportunity to use them.
Life has been busy lately and didn't leave me much time to scrap. That's why it has been quiet on my blog.
And now life is calling me again. I really need to iron! Yeach!

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Have fun on your birthday

This one looks a little like one of the cards I made monday. I liked it very much so I tried making another color, other papers etc.
What do you think?
Recognize something Martha? Hihi.

Fathers day

I don't like making cards for men cause I am not good at it. Or am I not good at it because I don't like it.................?
Whatever.........I tried making a fathers day card.
I am gonna send it to my stephfather. My own father is cruising around the Netherlands with his boat for a month and doesn't have a forwarding adress obviously.

Do I need to explain that Vaderdag means fathers day. No...............I don't, have I?
Well maybe for the ones that have blond moments as much as I have.

Monday, June 08, 2009

Dutch card lovers, sketch 2

I made the above card for the dutch card lovers challenge. You can only guess once who I am gonna send it to ;-),
I just love this paper and made another little card with the pieces I had left.
Paper orange: Peach Rose Trellis Printed Flat Paper (K&Company)
Paper blue: Flowers on Blue Printed Flat Paper (K&Company)

Wednesday, June 03, 2009

Thanks Martha

Hi there girls, I am exhausted, been painting the livingroom. Actually it is not finished yet so more work for me tomorrow.
I have not been scrapping but there is a card I haven't shown you yet as I made it for Martha and I didn't want her to see it before she recieved it.
Martha is in my top 3 of scrappers. Iralamija is the other one and I haven't decided on number 3 yet, hihi.
Anyway, Martha made me butterflies with her cuttlebug with paper I sent her. She is just to sweet for doing that for me.
I recieved them in my mailbox today and I am happy as a child.
Wish me luck with painting girls, my body is aching allover. Not just to this kind of hard work, lazy as I am.
Oh, if I only was rich and could have a painter do the work for me................*sigh*

Blog Candy Scraps 4 Fun

Sonia from Scraps 4 fun is having a blog candy. What it is gonna be is a suprise. We'll have to wait for the pic a little bit longer.

Just click the blinky and visit her blog to have a look.

Tuesday, June 02, 2009

Card*a*licious 23

The new Card*a*licous challenge was published. This time the card needed to have at least two flowers, ribbon and the color blue.

Polka dot paper: Oh Baby! Boy from Basic Grey

Monday, June 01, 2009

It's a cat's life

This cat embellishments I got, along with a lot of other scrap stuff, from my mother and her husband and they were just waiting to be used.
Today was the day. I found great use for them in this green/brown/yellow card.

The weather here in Holland is to die for. I took the pic outside in the garden because the light out there is great when it is sunny.

Well, ladies, I am gonna enjoy my sunny garden now.

Paper with flowers from Scrapbour.com, Waterford collection
Paper lacey and dots from Pinkpaislee.com, spring fling collection, Holly Mc Caig, Green Lace
Polka dot ribbon from Kars