Friday, May 25, 2012

Thanks Wendy!!!!

I got lucky again and had one of the best swapbuddies a girl can have. I am so happy with this garland Wendy made me.  I love it and hang it across my mirror but when I wanted to photograph it I saw my room wasn't really tidy, hahahahaha. So I just snagged Wendy's photos, with her permission ofcourse! They were more beautiful than mine anyway

She mailed me she had to remind herself it was a lollieswap with which you had to add something festive. She got so carried away with the garland that she almost forgot about the lolly. You know I would not have noticed it at all as I first unwrapped the garland and was in an aw right away.
It does show the effort and attention she gave to it!
With the same fabric as the garlands she made this sweet lollydolly.

I sent her gorgeous son Sam a Cars lolly (Wendy happened to mail me he loves Cars) and he wanted to make me a lolly back. Isn´t it beautiful? I love this photo. He looks like: "yeah, yeah, if you really want to you can have my photo taken". Like guys do!
I think she had to bribe him with a lolly. :-) (Won't work anymore when he is 18 or so).

This gorgeous tag had a personal message on the back and she sent me such sweet goodies!!!
I am a spoiled girl!

The funny thing is that prior to getting the mail that we were linked to eachother on this swap Wendy and I started mailing eachother as we seem to have a lot in common. So it was a good surprise to find out she became my swapbuddy.

Thanks Wendy, you are the best!!!!

Wendy also has a supercool Freebies Weblog, really worth visiting.


Dora said...

Ow wat is dat enorm leuk!!!

Marjanne said...

wat een sper mooi paketje zeg!! wat een verwennerij!! lucky girl! en heerijke smoeltje van haar zoon, echt prachtig!!

scarlett clay said...

Oooh that fabric is so beautiful, I love the garland and especially the lovely tag, it's gorgeous! And my son makes that same face for photos sometimes! lol!