Tuesday, October 05, 2010

Look what I got!

Don't you love this little girl all dressed up as an adult. Jody even dressed her up even more and sent her to me.
What is better than getting such a beautiful decorated tag?
Well, better is finding out that it contains a beautiful necklace Jody made me. It totally made my day. I love purple and will be wearing it a lot. Isn't it a beauty?

Jody of A Home and Heart won my last blogcandy and insisted she wanted to send me somthing back although I told her it was really not necessary.
I should have taken a picture of the wrapping also, she bound it all together with a white ribbon that had two beautiful pieces of byoux hanging on it.
I think I might use it on this canvas I am working on.
Jody, you are so sweet! Thank you!


Marjanne said...

leuk toch zo'n attentie terug te krijgen! beeldschoon! Ik ben benieuwd naar wat je aan het maken bent!

Lean said...

gaaf zeg heeft ze mooi gemaakt.

http://truutske.blogspot.com/ said...

Prachtige tag en wat 'n mooie ketting.
Kun je echt van genieten he.
Wens je een gezellige avond, Trudie

Home and Heart said...

I am SO happy you like it!! I LOVED the ribbons!! ( Can I borrow your pics too?) :-)

Dora said...

Ow wat mooi,,,sjucht prachtig..!

Martha said...

Wat super mooi!!

Cindy Adkins said...

Oh I love this--I saw it on Jody's blog and thought you'd be so excited!!!

Anja said...

Ze is echt super mooi.En die kleuren samen,prachtig.
GR Anja;o)
Ben al een klein beetje bezig met een armband.