Sunday, July 11, 2010

My finds

I am always so jealous of you american girls with your yard sales, farm markets etc. and all your great vintage finds. We don't have that uphere in Holland.
I was so happy when I found this little vintage shop in my hometown that is only open at saturdays.
I have to go back one day when the temperatue went down because momentarily you wouldn't believe this is Holland. Temperatures are just tropical. But not complaining! I hate cold.
Anyway, being a cabin attendant I was really excited finding this old photos of airplanes. The pricetag on the box said 75 cents but being dutch I couldn't resist asking or that was really true as they were so little. I got three for 75 cents! Mission accomplised.
Only after taking the picture I saw one of them has a swastika and is german plane from world war II.
World War II makes me always thinking about my grandfather who at the end of his life had nightmares about it. He always said to me he could write a book but sadly he didn't and didn't even tell to much about his time in prisoncamp.
My mom told me that when the Germans came to take him (she was six when the war ended) she was crying like crazy. One of the German soldiers felt so sorry for her and gave her chocolate. The first she ever tasted in her life.
I can't imagine using the photo of this plane in a project. I know it all happened a lifetime ago and we should get over it but still, it wouldn't feel right.
And why I bought this little pin I don't know. I still have not decided whether it is plain uggly or just not. One day I will know why I bought it. I have that with stuff.

And how about this metal plaque? I hang it above my bed but not sure or it is gonna stay there, it is a little to small. It was only 4 euros. I can tell you I will be visiting this little shop much more often.
And now my girls, I am gonna prepare mentally for the game against Spain. Are we really gonna be World Champions for the first time? I am in the winning mood, I think we are gonna beat Spain!
I love Spain, love the people, love the country, love the language.........everything about it so it pains me to have to say: "Let Spain feel the pain" :-) but in love and war ................
I already painted my too nails and while I was at it my neigbours' too. He is a guy! But he kept saying he never had such beautiful nails before and asked me or I was totally sure it would stay on in the shower.
Wish us luck!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Marjanne said...

Dat begrijp ik helemaal van dat vliegtuig met dat hakenkruis, daar kan je niets mee natuurlijk, en dan gaat het natuurlijk niet om de duitsers maar over het nazisme.
Mooie spulletjes in je shopje zeg!
Het gaat heel spannend worden, hier in Frankijk denkt iedereen dar Spanje gaat winnen....

Carol Q said...

fab finds Liszha. I know my husband would be very interested in the plane photos also. GOOD LUCK TONIGHT!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Lean said...

hhhihi gave nageltjes hoor....we gaan winnen !!!!en lekker geshopt zie ik .

C'est Magnifique said...

Love your finds Lisette! So you really don't have yard sales there or anything like that?? What about thrift stores?

It's been hot where I'm at too, I'm in Washington State in the US and it's been over 100 degrees for a few days now, but it's a really dry heat... what's the temperature in Holland? Have you ever been to the US? I'd love to visit Holland one day!

Thanks for commenting on my wedding layouts for my friend!


Dora said...

je gevoel over dat ene plaatje is niet raar en niet iets van het is lang geleden en doorgaan...heel begrijpelijk...
De spullen zijn wel mooi, en je nagels zupers..het heeft niet geholpen net als mijn schoenen, rok, shirt en sokken...ach wie weet de volgende keer!

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