Thursday, September 24, 2009

Another card

In this cards I used the same papers as the one I showed you yesterday but this one is much cuter, more lace and stuff.
The frontpage was supposed to be on the inside but I started punching holes without thinking before I did so.
No other solutions left than making the inside becoming the outside. But I kept it rather basic so I now had to add some alterations like the lace and pearls and roses.
I think it turned out okay.

The inside. The left handside page was supposed to be the front :-).

The back. Only when looking at the pics I found it is damaged a little bit already, so have to fix that first.


Ilonka said...

hoi Lisette, in een woord SCHITTEREND!!!

groetjes Ilonka

Laurel said...

Wow absolutely stunning!

Dora said...

Ok noem jij dit ok, nou jij moet ook eens naar de arts, dit is een tegek gave vet mooie en supercoole kaart, zo kan ik nog wel even doorgaan, maar je weet wat ik bedoel!

Martha said...

Het is een super kaart, WOW Lisette!!!

RosesMarijke said...

Wat is dat toch weer mooi gedaan en helemaal in jouw stijl....schitterend!!

Moeps said...

Echte kunstwerkjes, Lisette. Waar haal je het vandaan?

Lean said...

Zeker een mooie creatie geworden....SUPER!!!!

Anonymous said...

This is gorgeous, i love your chabby chic - ness.... is that a word?

Chimene said...

Echt heel mooi gemaakt!!!!!!
Fijn weekend!