Sunday, July 29, 2012

Barcelona, gotta love the city

It was a year already since I was in Barcelona and I was thrilled to find a 24 hour lay over on my schedule. How I love this vibrant city.
Where vintage and modern blend so well.

And if you love romantic balconies as much as I do you find yourself wandering through the streets not looking straight ahead, which would be the safest thing to do, but up all the time.
Being dutchies, we assumed this was a smart shop.
Until we had a closer look. It was just a candy store. Very expensive but adorable pots of candy.
 Kind of a contrast with this beautiful vintage store. It is not that it is trying to be this vintage it just is this very old shop where nothing ever really changed.
 Huge billboards are a real Barcelona thing as well.
Goodnight Barcelona.


Marjanne said...

mooie foto's!! ja smartshop haha ik ben er pas laatst achtergekome wat dat is...geef mij maar een snoepjeswinkel

Anja said...

Zo wat leuk zeg allemaal,
Onze jess vond het ook schitterend in Barca.
Jammer dat ons afspraakje niet meer is door gegaan.


Nicole Hascoet said...

What a dreamy place, i wish i was there! Your photos are gorgeous. I see you had a great time.
Hope you have a lovely week.
Hugs xx

Anonymous said...

Lijkt me een interessante stad, ben er nog nooit geweest. Mooie foto's! 'Happy pills' hahaha... ;-)