Saturday, October 31, 2009

Over the top

Okay, I got this award from both Dora and Jolanda. Both superduper talented girls! Normally when I get one I forget telling you on this blog but this time I thought it was a very funny one with the questions you had to answer that come with it so I tried not forgetting mentioning it here. And I didn't!
Thanks girls, for giving me this one.
Here are the questions I have to answer:

Where is your cellphone: Have to look around for a bit now. Can't see it, think it is still on the nightstand.
Your mother: The best! Adrie
Your father: Wim
Your favourite food: Pasta, indonesion, indian
Your dream last night: Can't remember.
Your favourite drink: Used to be dietcoke but now is crystal clear. Love that stuff!
Your dreams/goal: Being happy and content.
What room are you in: living room
Your hobby: scrapping ofcourse!.........................................what else?
Your fear: spiders (sorry, this must be the most boring and most used answer) Today's fear however is the MRI I have to get on monday.
Where do you want to be in 6 years: Doing something creative professionally, being in the business and with the bussiness I don't mean anything else than the scrapbook and stuff business.................what did you think?
Where were you last night? First in the scrapbook store, drinking a coke with friends. Then at home.
Something that you aren't: rich, arrogant, structured
Muffins: Bad for my not so small waist line but .......................... who cares, give me one! Now! Cranberries please!
Wish list item: bigger house with a superduper scraproom
Where did you grow up: First 9 years of my life in Rotterdam and after that in Etten-Leur.
Last thing you did? waking up and walking towards my Senseo (popular coffeemaker here in Holland/Europe), drinking coffee and straighten my hair.
What are you wearing: How embarrasing. A male pyama. I love them, they are so comfy.
Your tv: Old and big and now showing the E channel (another embarrasing moment here)
Your pets: My cats Macho and Chica. I love them like crazy!
Your friends: Lots of them but true honest friends that I know are always there for me.............only a few!
Your life: busy
Your mood: Happy at the moment. Going to the scrapstore in a bit to help out.
Missing someone?: My grandfather, he was the sweetest man I ever knew.
Vehicle: My Kia Picanto and my old bike.
Something you are not wearing: Leggings!
Your favorite store: Is there a store that I do not like would be a more challenging question but I have to say the scrapbookstore ofcourse!
Favourite color: Pink and light blue
When was the last time you laughed: Yesterday because a guy that is not from the Netherlands made a very funny mix up with words. (hij schreef reistafel ipv rijsttafel)
Last time you cried: Yesterday with Extreme Make Home Make over (or what is it called, you know the program with the loud guy)
Your best friend: Macho
One place that I go to over and over: scrapbookstore (oh, how boring am I?)
Facebook: yes
Favorite place to eat: Tapasplace here in Alphen aan den Rijn, preferably in summer at the terrace overlooking the water.
Pffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffff..................more work than I thought it would be. Hope you liked it.


Dora said...

Leuke antwoorden, deze awards zijn erg leuk!

Dora said...

Mutzzzzzzzzzzzzz die ik ben, heel veel sterkte maandag, ik ga voor je duimen, maar beter weten hoe en wat dan de onzekerheid!
Kop op!

Lean said...

Jajaaja ik geloof alles ,leuk om te lezen.

Jolanda said...

Het leuke aan deze awards vind ik altijd dat je iemand toch een tikkie beter leert kennen.

Heel veel sterkte morgen!!


Anonymous said...

Tapasplace is zoooo lekkerrr!!!!
Wanneer gaan we weer haha.
Dikke lebber je nichtiee

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