Friday, March 06, 2009

My first scrapblog

I graduately went from making cards to making scrapcards. Never did a whole scrappage. I only do cards.
I am not the type to make this big projects. I like things to be finished quick.
A lot of scrappers own their own weblog and now that I think I kind of found my own style I thought it would be nice to start a scrapblog myself.
When I wanted to make a blogspot with my internetnickname Liszha I found I already had a spot there.
I remembered now! I started blogging here when I went to work in Bali for 10 weeks years ago.
So, I renewed this blog and will be showing my scrapcards here.

This card I made to welcome home a good friend who has been working abroad for a few weeks.

Just a card I made very quickly without all the thinking, trying and matiching I usually do.

This was my first scrapblog ever. I have heaps of cards I can still show you and already busy making another one.
Wishing you a scrappy day,

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